How we will become an international leader ! (à prononcer la bouche pleine de fish and chips…)

Nicolas Odet, Directeur Général, Hardis Group

To begin with, it is certainly necessary to give some information about Hardis Group and Reflex solutions. Sorry, for this quite conventional approach (you know, it´s not my cup of tea, and some of you also know that tea… is not my cup of tea…) ! Then, I will write an overview of our ambition. If more precise elements are needed, you can contact me on LinkedIn and I will be pleased to answer in a dedicated talk.

Hardis in a few words and figures
  • 630 employees
  • Turnover – 57,2 M€
  • Values – Involvement, Trust, Efficiency, Ambition, Innovation
  • Mission – Help our customers to achieve their omnichannel transformation and design their cutting edge supply chain
Reflex in a nutshell
  • 1   suite, 3 modules – Reflex WMS (warehouse optimization), Reflex TMS (transport management and operations), Reflex DMS (dispatch automation)
  • A global offer – Publishing, integration, support, TPAM, hosting and operations management
  • Tailored innovative solutions
  • Support of the omnichannel shift
  • French leader of the supply chain execution ; in the European Top 5
  • European leader on Omnichannel issues
  • 250 customers worldwide, >650 warehouses Software published since 1988
  • More than 20% of the team are R&D experts
  • 6200 man days of development in 2013
  • GS1 and CPIM Member
Our Strategy
In a (very) fast changing world, we are willing to offer the best business value proposition.
We are committed with our Customer to transform their supply chain into a cutting edge to support the omnichannel shift they encounter.
This global approach implies to design and deliver a large and comprehensive solutions portfolioincluding e-commerce, m-commerce, CRM, mobile and tablet applictions, SOA architecture, store interactive terminals and supply chain execution solutions.
We are also convinced that our team is the most important competitive edge to support these ambitions. Therefore, we develop strong business skills based on our new talents management system so as to bring high level consultancy services to design, build and optimize a real demand driven supply chain.
Grow fast on an international level
Let’s now tackle the keypoint of our program, our must Win Battle ! We urge to become the 1st European pure player on a worldwide scale. Our main worldwide competitor are 2 American software vendors and their marketshares are not reachable in such a short term perspective (who knows ; )). We are willing to complete the pure players podium in the 4 coming years.
So as to achieve this first goal, we will be really focused on 3 main industries and package efficient vertical solutions and core models to help them gain market shares with productivity and agility gains we will provide to their supply chain.
We also chose a few geographical areas to help French and European companies to grow up on a worldwide scale.
In order to be able to deploy, host and manage our solutions in every targeted country, we are building 1 or 2 global partnerships with international recongnized integrators who share our values and aim to develop a strong competitive edge for our common clients.
We will communicate on this/these partnership in the weeks to come.
We are strongly involved to help you create value for your customers. Your business success is our success, so let’s build a cutting edge supply chain together.


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